Sunday, April 02, 2006

It aint done, till it's done

The picture above is what provisionally sixth placed Giancarlo Fisichella saw, as P5 Jenson Button's engine blew at the penultimate turn of the Australian GP. Inspite of a blown engine, Button didn't remove the foot from the pedal in a serious bid to cross the line ... he finished a menacing 7 metres from the finish line. Ironically, Jenson Button started on pole position at the start of the race. News

Well (sob, sob ...) this is the second time, I've lost a bet because of engine blowups in the last lap of a race. The last occasion was when Mika Hakkinen's splendid drive around the 2001 Spanish circuit came to a close as his Mercedes engine gave way to a lucky Michael Schumacher.


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