Friday, March 24, 2006

It's getting better all the time

I'll be closing 2 years of investing on the equity markets this 31st March. Confession - I have made much less money than what an index fund would have given. But have learnt a lot in the process. How I missed many an opportunities? And again missed the same opportunities? When to sell and not to sell? Buy or not buy and buy how much? Im still ridden with a number of stocks which have dimished 40%+ in value.

OK, this may be amusing ... the first ever stock I bought on the equity market was Padmalaya Telefilms and this was also the very stock I sold off at a loss ... a loss of 63% from cost.

But the truth is: I am very much getting better at this. In evaluating companies, on the right time to buy, am seeing more in the B/S and P&L and the importance of news and volumes. My choices and recommendations in the last one month have been much better than ever before.
> Amtek India in 37 days, is up 18%
> Gujarat NRE Coke in 33 days, is up 10%
> Aftek Infosys in 3 days, is down by 1%
> Ind Swift Labs in 1 day, is up 16%


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