Monday, April 17, 2006

Torrent Power SEC Ltd.

After living in Delhi - Ahmedabad and Surat came a great respite .. from power cuts. The AEC (Ahmedabad Electricity Company) and SEC (Surat Electricity Company) are governed by Torrent Power and both stocks have good valuations .... SEC being the better half.
1. SEC gives upwards of 10 crs every quarter and would close the year at 60 crs.
2. The stock is available at a fwdPE of 9.15 which is pretty good.
3. The energy sector is on an upscale and Surat's energy consumption is surely on the rise ... aren't you hearing news on textile and diamonds more often ... ?

One pt. - the growth of the company will be dependent on the geographical spread. So although I see an upside to the stock ... maybe hitting 720 rupees in the next 3-4 months ... further holding will need to be checked with every quarter.


Anonymous Sandeep. said...

Hello there,

in one of ur previous blog you hav mentioned about Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd. the god of pennies.

I read somewhere that it is a subsidary of IVRCL may be that has to do something with the sky rocketting prices.


9:41 AM  
Anonymous amit said...

Hello shankar,

My broker is extremely bullish on jHUNJHUNWALA VANASPATI.This stock has been hitting circuits for the past some time,the current market price(at todays circuit) is 58.He expects it to reach a three figure mark in a months time(atmost).

One other stock is UB enginerring trading at 63(todays circuit) which has also hit circuits almost daily in the past few days.I apply for it daily and daily it gets rejected.Shankar since you have worked with ICICI please advice on the timing to apply for these shares.Means that suppose if i apply it now it gets rejected,but when i come back in the morning and apply the status is queued but after some time it is rejected.I have been trying to get some UB shares from the 50 levels but am not able top do so.

Will look forward for your advice on UB Engineering and JHUNJHUNWALA VANASPATI.

God knows what but my broker friend is extremly extremly bullish on JHUNJHUNWALA VANASPATI.

Best regards,

1:11 PM  
Blogger Shankar said...

Torrent SEC came up with excellent results for the quarter.

Warm Rgds, Shankar

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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