Thursday, January 26, 2006

He wants stock "tips"

Mohit had recently posted a comment in one of my previous blog with a suggestion for me to start posting some stock related pieces. So let me try my hand in proposing some stocks to invest in. But there are some rules - a) All stocks suggested will be based on the principles of value investing and b) all investors who consider the advice must use their own research before ariving at the final decision.

I would attempt to take this blog to be an investor's shack where all can sip a brew of value investing and run down numbers and suggestions to grow the network. True to self, I would still take time to put down some very relevant insights that are listed in some of the great books of our time. (I have started reading "The Intelligent Investor" by Benjamin Graham)

So sit back and enjoy the ride ...


Blogger Prasanth said...

Have been reading your blog for a while now. Good one. Apart from the Intelligent Investor, get hold of Peter Lynch's one up on wall street.

BTW, will be eagerly waiting for your list of "value stocks". Here are mine - Infomedia India, Pricol, Kirlosker Brothers.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Shankar said...

Thanks Prasanth, i'll surely go through Lynch's book too. Im sure it would be as interesting as "a random walk down wall street".

Infact, while reading the Intelligent Investor - the book has taken a mudshot on Lynch wherein Peter Lynch had given a mechanical method to stock picking which when investgated by 'the intelligent investor' didn't work for a number of years.

Regards, Shankar

8:09 PM  
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